Why consider Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is an essential part of the marketing mix for both B2C & B2B brands

Influencers play an important and integral role across many sectors and  industries and you may have thought it was purely big brands that used them and you would be wrong.

However, working with influencers requires a shift from the traditional marketing mindset of prescriptive content, to a more open, collaborative approach.

Some of the best influencers are not just advocates for brands, products or services but they are also great content producers and brand story tellers and in our experience when campaigns are planned well they deliver reach and engagement at a lower cost than conventional ‘paid’ social advertising and help gain that all important “Social Proof”.

Selecting influencers can be a mind field. There’s the relevant platforms that you will need to consider and then trying to ensure that the numbers you may see when approached directly are actually true.

At One9Seven6 we have some highly intelligent tools available to us to allow us to select the best possible influencers to work with either as an individual social media campaign or part of a wider digital marketing strategy.

Contrary to what you may think we have been able to secure amazing and captivating content for the mere cost of the product alone and delivering ROIs (Return On Investment).

So if you have never explored the opportunities open to you when using influencer marketing then reach out to using the form at the bottom of this page.

Nine reasons to consider Influencer Marketing

  1. Social Influencer Marketing can be informal and not pushy
  2. Influencer Marketing offers huge credibility
  3. Social Influencer Marketing allows both niche & wide targeting
  4. Influencer Marketing assists organic search
  5. Social Influencer Marketing provides value
  6. Influencer Marketing need not be costly
  7. Social Influencer Marketing generates relevant leads
  8. Social Influencer Marketing aids Content Strategy
  9. Influencer Marketing generates amazing quality E.A.T. content
So why not reach out to One9Seven6 based in Cambridge for your influencer marketing needs by using the form below. Main images from influencer marketing & content campaign with Yasmin @HomeAtHeathfield

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