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Looking for a Local SEO Agency in Cambridge?

One9Seven6 is an SEO Agency specialising in localised SEO (local search) services and are actually based in Cambridge.

We immediately proposition ourselves as being different in the fact we are not caught up on vanity ranking positions, but are more focused on lead generation and conversion rates.

So if you own a local business and need help with your SEO strategy to achieve a great online presence in Cambridge or want to look at the options open to your business, then contact us today!

There are many SEO Agencies in Cambridge, and even companies from outside of our wondrous acedemic city, marketing local SEO services to businesses that may not fully understand the requirements and needs of the local audience and that of a Cambridge based business.

At One9Seven6 we want to understand more about you, your business and your offering then create an SEO strategy that fits your business and sits well within the wider digital marketing you maybe undertaking, after all SEO should be one element of your omni-channel (multi-channel) marketing strategy.

One9Seven6 your Local SEO Agency based in Cambridge

As an SEO agency based in Cambridge and servicing clients both FMCG and SME’s in the UK and globally, we understand that your local prospects are searching for your product and service but may be fully aware of your “Brand” name, and it’s for this reason that it’s imperative to ensure your website is found for both “generic” and “branded” search terms locally.

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What are the benefits of Local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Focusing on Local SEO, to target the local market that you are operating in, instantly moves you into a more focused and targeted audience set and a more realistically sized pool. Since most small businesses rely on local consumers to grow, the benefits of this approach are unquestionable.

Have you been asking yourself the question – “Should I use local SEO?”. If you have then here are some reasons to do it.

Improve Online Visibility

Using Local SEO techniques will help you break into top organic results and improve your chances of being found

Build a Community

When you make efforts to link and connect with other local companies, you’ll see the effects online and off. Your clients will trust referrals more and often find it more efficient to visit businesses within their area to start with.

More Relevant Traffic

When you set local consumer targets, you are encouraging web visits from people who may actually come and visit you rather than an overseas visitor. This is even more important if you don't sell online or cannot ship products outside of the UK for example.

Local return customers

With local SEO there are two key touchpoints. They’ll discover you and stop by and then they will return to you again. By providing them with a great exerience the first time, they will search for you again. You want to appear in those search results if they do.

Build Trust and Authority

Gaining a prime spot on Google results pages shows you as an authority and can be trusted.

Reduce Ad Costs

Using local SEO will reduce the need for paying for rankings. You are likely to achieve more valuable clicks by listing organically.

Increased Sales

By increasing the relevancy to someone who is local to you, your business is likely to see an increase in the sales because of it.

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