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Paid Social
Using a wealth of data at our disposal, we can deliver personalised social marketing via impactful creative, turning social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn into powerful revenue channels.
SEO & Local SEO
Correctly done, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has the potential to become your most cost effective source of traffic and revenue. Our vision is on sustainable SEO strategies that focus on long term results.
Digital Strategy
Everything we do stems from data! in-house tools allow us to analyse content, competitors and channels to identify topics that will grab attention, then we find the best way to deliver that to your audience.
Content Creation
When it comes to content we offer something different.  A heritage underpinned by SEO and data adds rationale to our strategies along with social media experience means our campaigns won’t go unnoticed.

“You immediately applied yourself to improvements to build our
digital strengths and showed us the potential of digital marketing at Alzheimer’s Research UK” 

Tim Parry - Director Of Communications & Brand

What Is  B A S E C A M P ?

A Complete Digital Strategy With A
Common Objective, Driven By Insight

Luxury Brand & Lifestyle Digital Marketing

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