So What Is BASECAMP & How Does It Work…

BASECAMP gives you the business owner a clear digital marketing roadmap to reach your objectives and it’s very foundations are forged on tried and tested strategies used by iconic global brands.

Ask yourself

Your BASECAMP strategy is unique to you and your business. We will sit down with you and look into your target market, we will assess what data you have and don’t have access to, we will align key KPI’s and empower you with the metrics that matter.

The reason WHY our tailored approach works and delivers is that rather than selling on regurgitated strategies and thinking, what BASECAMP prides itself on is UNIQUENESS.

  • We will explore your business, it’s goals and objectives, what has worked and what has not.
  • We will delve into your customers, clients, and prospects so we have a better picture of the WHO we are looking for.
  • We look for the summits we are targeting for your business and we plan, and the plan is unique to you.
  • We delve into every digital channel, social channel and touch point for you.
  • We test, we measure, we report – after all your seasoned guide is here to assist you every step of the way till we reach our objectives.

When we have mapped out your roadmap and accessed what actions and strategies we need to deploy to reach the summit you pay a simple fixed rate monthly fee*.

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    * Any additional Paid Search Ad Spend will be separate to retainer fee