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Paid social advertising is the quickest way to get targeted and highly converting visitors to your website and product/service pages from channels such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest.

Social media advertising platforms gives us a wealth of fabulous targeting tools that make it easy to determine who should view your campaigns based on age, gender, interests, hobbies, country or region and other demographic based features.

However… to succeed with paid social media advertising you need more than a basic understating of paid social adverts…. Elements such as a great ad strategy, amazing copy and creative content that will separate you from the rest of the competition and this is where we step in to leverage your paid social advertising.

Are you looking for a Paid Social Advertising Agency based in Cambridge?

One9Seven6 comprises of a team that is experienced in running paid social advertising across many platforms including:

  • Facebook Advertising
  • Instagram Advertising
  • Pinterest Advertising
  • Paid TikTok Advertising

We understand the UK and USA markets, our approach is unique to each client working on the best TOF (Top Of Funnel), MOF (Middle OF Funnel) and BOF (Bottom OF Funnel) strategies, thus providing a more reliable and holistic approach to marketing.

One9Seven6 work with multi-national clients from different geographic locations and verticals; thus ensuring your business will benefit from a pool of knowledge and data acquired over time.

At One9Seven6, we do not just deliver adverts… our objective is to create an online experience that results in the desired business goals and objectives of our clients, whether that is boosting brand awareness, generating quality leads, making sales or driving footfall to a physical location.

What are the major challenges of Paid Social Advertising?

While paid social advertising can be quite profitable, it’s marred with a few challenges:

Increased competition

Strict industry regulations that might see some of your campaigns declined

Changing customer demands that make it hard to create effective campaigns

Varying market standards, since each platform has got its own advertising policies

Apple iOS 14.5 updates and Cookie Tracking Restrictions In Google Chrome

If you run your ads in-house it’s hard for your team to keep up. There are just too many parts to piece together. Luckily, with your business under our arms, you no longer have to worry about any of the above.

The team at One9Seven6 understand the in’s and out’s of every paid social ad platform, and proof of this is that since February 2021 we have helped over 900 website owners (globally) adapt their Facebook Pixel Tracking and assist in their domain verification.

Rest assured we know what we are doing when it comes to the more technical aspects of Paid Social Marketing, we take care of everything so you can focus on delivering awesome online experiences to your customers.

What are the benefits of Social Advertising?

Use robust social advertising targeting tools to bring in highly qualified leads and sales to your business at all levels of the sales funnel TOF, MOF, BOF.

Cost-effective re-targeting that increases your conversion rate via detailed strategies.

Increased brand awareness even with a low budget using ad types that charge per thousand impressions (CPM).

Spark and drive online conversations about topics that your audience cares about around your brand.

Get instant Return on Investment (ROI) by continuously running ads that generate immediate sales.

Enjoy higher conversion rates that can be as high as 35% with the correct landing page and pricing strategy.

Gain great insights about your brand and your ideal customers that can be used to inform your next marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

Our approach to Pay-Per-Click Social Media Marketing

To determine if One9Seven6 are a good fit for your business, here is our simplified approach that we take when working with any client on promoting their business through paid social marketing.

To map out a great ad strategy we need to evaluate the following in detail:

Your Target Audience: We work with you to better understand and profile your most ideal customer. We then use this buyer persona for targeting your ads to ensure that we are bringing in the right people only to your business.

Your Business Goals: The next thing we focus on is your main objective. This can be generating leads, making sales, or boosting brand awareness.

Once we have a better understanding of your business and ideal customer we then proceed to plan your ads.

Deciding on the Platform: The right advertising platform is one that is informed by data. Every platform infrastructure is different. We work with you to determine what ad platform is the best for your business. We currently provide Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest Ads setup and management.

Choosing campaign type: We determine what content type will bring in the desired results based on your target market. There are several options to choose from including video ads, animations, carousel, image ads, story ads, links, and canvas ads.

Content creation: Our last task in this second step is creating the ad assets. Our content creation experts will work with your team to create highly personalised and effective creatives that will generate buzz and encourage users to take the desired action. When it comes to content we want content that resonates with the audience.

Your ads are now ready to be rolled out. Here we create your ad accounts, integrate our monitoring tools for easier tracking and create social campaigns. Our approach is not a set-and-forget one. We are big advocates of ongoing “hands on” ad optimisation.

We monitor how your ads are performing and adjust accordingly. This could include increasing ad spend for the most performing ads, A/B testing, pausing non-performing campaigns, or suggesting modifications to the landing pages to better improve conversions and much more.

What are the main Paid Social Media Advertising channels?

We can utilise various social advertising channels for our local clients based in Cambridge and those based in the United States, depending on the overall objective and strategy these include the following verticals:

Facebook Advertising

Ideal for brands that are consumer-oriented, Facebook ads are more suitable. Also, you may want to go this route if you want a robust targeting mechanism for your campaigns. Our experts will determine if Facebook Ads are suitable for your business or not, based on our experience.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram Ads are more suitable for professional brands that have embraced the art of visual branding and positioning. If you run a bespoke online store then you want to run Instagram Ads. Since Instagram is run by Facebook you enjoy the same robust audience data and targeting tools that are available within the Facebook ads manager.

TikTok Ads Cambridge

TikTok ads are great for boosting brand awareness and sparking movements around your brand. Done right the boost you get by running TikTok Ads may result in media mentions and general buzz across other channels. You will hear many an agency disregard TikTok ads because of the appeal to the younger audience, but since the global pandemic there has been a seismic shift of 24 - 44 yr old males and females across to the platform as it offers far greater creativity and an algorithm that can propel a user to stardom overnight and with the new influx of “prospective consumers” it is a platform that cannot be disregarded in your marketing mix.

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest Ads can work wonders, especially for brands in the fashion, DIY, home décor, interior design, beauty, and food industries. Using the available data and our experience we will determine the viability of Pinterest Ads for your business and how this integrates within your overall digital strategy.

FAQ about Paid Social Advertising

Paid social advertising is a form of business promotion that requires the advertiser (you or your business) to spend money in an online auction.

Paid social ads are worth your money if the results meet your business goals. Are you generating leads, making sales or having people positively talking about your brand?

The simple answer is yes. Thats why ad spending is on the rise every year. However, headless advertising is not. You need to know what you are doing for your ads to work.

People click on the right ads when served on the right platform at the right time.

We always say start small, gain trust in the process and platforms and scale.
There are many variables that can change the cost of a click on your adverts, from the size of your audience to the vertical you operate within. In some cases we have achieved clicks as low as £0.001, but can be as high as £47.00 + depending on your sector, products and services.

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