What is Meta/Facebook ODAX?

What is Facebook ODAX

What is Meta/Facebook ODAX?

ODAX or “Outcome-Driven Ad Experiences” is Meta’s understanding that minimalistic is clutter-free – less is more manifesting. All the more an ad should be judged based on what it achieves. ODAX does just that while simplifying the way campaign objectives are set. What could get better?

The ODAX update on Facebook Ads Manager applies to campaigns in social media channels across the Meta family. Facebook, Instagram, and other Meta-ads will need to tally with the new ‘ODAX-ed’ list. [1] Advertisers who are at home with the old ways will find it hard to create the new compliant campaigns and   you outpace.

Here’s how Meta presents the consolidation.

Avoidable sir, if you do not want us happening so early on in the article.

Some Facebook Ads accounts may already have incorporated the first stages of the rollout that will be completed by June-September 2022 when all accounts would have all the changes. [1]

We will discuss these upcoming (shambolic-looking, but brilliant) changes,  what they would effectuate, and how to deal with them as of now.

The ODAX Rax

The ODAX update will simplify your campaign objectives by ( i ) making changes to delivery and ( ii ) the improved machine learning process. Once ODAX assigns the simplified objectives to highly relevant and broader marketing goals for the broader marketing industry, we, as advertisers can achieve our core goals better. [1]

Since ODAX avails of Cross-Channel Conversion Optimizations, we can incorporate a website with an app or shop itself to enable cross-channel campaigns. Also since the Ads Manager fathoms an advertiser’s aspirations better, it can display more prudent guidance through campaign setup, again taking the advertiser closer to achieving their marketing goals. [2]

And let’s admit it – having to choose from the 11-point Campaign Objective menu had us shattered than focused and determined. It was more puffed and confusing than not while the new 6-point menu makes more sense.

It is easier to understand, judge, and choose from six rather than eleven.

The New Menu

The new Campaign Objective menu that focuses more on marketing outcomes will be as follows:

( 1 ) Awareness  

( 2 ) Traffic   

( 3 ) Engagement  

( 4 ) Leads  

( 5 ) App Promotion  

( 6 ) Sales [3]

Light, Bright, and Just Right!

The new objectives incorporate everything there was in a less confusing way.

ODAX Hacks along the Switchbacks and Tailbacks

Here’s how you can gain currency sooner than your competitors – know your ropes.

Facebook Ads used to have 11 Campaign Objective domains – 

( 1 ) Brand Awareness, ( 2 ) Reach, ( 3 ) Traffic, ( 4 ) Engagement, ( 5 ) App Installs, ( 6 ) Video Views, ( 7 ) Lead Generation, ( 8 ) Messages, ( 9 ) Conversions, ( 10 ) Catalog Sales, and ( 11 ) Store Traffic.

There are only six fields to understand now and they have no grey areas. Scrolling above the menu you can see what each item is best for. [1]

( 1 ) Awareness

Choose ‘Awareness’ if you want Brand Awareness, Reach, or Video Views from the current campaign. It can be used instead of ‘Reach’ to show your ads to people who are most likely to remember them. (Video Views would come under Engagement until the changes are final)

( 2 ) Traffic

The Traffic ad campaigns would see little change. ‘Traffic’ sends people to particular destinations as it is specified. It can be your website, app, or Facebook event. It is ideal for link clicks, landing page views, or advertising content, like a blog post.

( 3 ) Engagement

‘Engagement’ works the best for Video Views, Messages, and conversions like ‘likes, comments, or shares’. Video Views are likely to be moved to ‘Awareness’ by the end of this rollout. Engagement ultimately helps you acquire more messages, views, video views, post engagement, Page likes, event responses, or anything of the sorts that help build an online presence for the business you are advertising for. These campaigns are good for the beginning of your Facebook Ads account journey since they make the page look credible and popular.

Want help with audience profiling, strategy and content planning, content research and development, or monitoring and optimising? We have got you.

( 4 ) App Promotion

The ‘App Installs’ option is now under ‘App Promotion.’ There are not many changes going on other than the name. App Promotions ad campaigns help you to find and reach people who have not installed your app, make them download, continue using it, and take part in the app events. You may not this information if you have not developed an app for your business but let’s have it as an ace in the hole.

( 5 ) Leads

Leads campaigns are preferred when you want to acquire leads for your brand, business, product, or event. The ‘Leads’ campaign objective derives from the Lead Generation option and certain Conversions like messages, calls, sign-ups, instant forms et cetera.

( 6 ) Sales

Sales campaigns are designed to find people who are highly likely to purchase a product or service from your website. Catalog sales and certain conversions like messages make up ‘Sales’ and will be soon joined by Store Traffic.


( i ) Leads, App Promotion, and Sales would continue to work the same way.

( ii ) Video Views would diverge into Awareness and Engagement domains.

( iii ) Messages would diverge into Engagement and Leads.

( iv ) Conversions would aptly bifurcate into Engagement, Sales, and Leads.

( v ) The changes made to the ‘Conversions’ objective would be the most momentous and apt as it would help to deal with the diverged nature of conversions generated from an ad.

How an Advertiser Can Put ODAX in Effect

( 1 ) Due to the very reasons we just discussed, an advertiser can now make more logical and fruitful decisions perfectly in line with the universally adopted marketing concepts. You can find the perfectly curated platter of Facebook Advertising knowledge here.

( 2 ) With the ODAX rollout we can find on-site solutions that would augment their brand’s marketing campaigns.

( 3 ) ODA simplifies campaign setup by providing scalability, and avoiding misdirection and doubling of options. [1]

( 4 ) ODAX comes a long way from the limitations of Outcome-Driven Ads Experiences Objective Validation. [2]

As per the information provided by Facebook Developers on January 31 of 2022, the ODAX campaign involves a few restrictions which are discussed in the developer documents. Restrictions are mentioned for Housing, Employment and Credit ads, for example. The restrictions used to be based on legacy objectives. They will now be as per the destination type, promoted object, and optimization goal. [2] [3]


ODAX Drawbacks

( 5 ) In the process of switching from 11 to 6, the campaign objectives such as ‘Conversions’, ‘Store Traffic’, and ‘Video Views’ can be rationalised into goals like ‘Leads’, ‘Sales’, and ‘Engagement’. [1]

Changes can be made according to these conclusions in your future ad campaigns and the existing ones that are performing poorly solely due to the ODAX rollout.

ODAX may also affect the delivery system that Facebook is using since the sales and conversion campaigns – ones designed to generate leads or sales via your website – worked similarly by optimisation of the Machine Learning (ML) process. For conversion campaigns, Facebook would generate a particular number of impressions for a particular length of time per an optimum number of persons rather than spreading impressions thin. Or there is a particular set of times of the day or week best to advertise during. These are part of Facebook’s ML process that helps to get better advertising results. [1]

With the system splitting out the leads and the sales, the algorithms can now optimize and learn independently. The optimum number of impressions of an ad to convert a person to become a lead value website will not be the same as the number needed to get a person to purchase via your website. This difference can now be effective in your Facebook ad account as the campaigns learn and improve. [2]

ODAX Lookbacks and Make-Tracks

What are the implications of the new ODAX update rollout?

Facebooks Ads and Developers promise that the legacy campaigns will be intact until about the completion of the ODAX rollout. So if you are an advertiser with campaigns active and working well, you may not need to do anything about it at the moment. Once ODAX is implemented completely, duplicating legacy campaigns may involve some limitations. New campaigns should comply with the new set of campaign objectives. Facebook will let us know how they plan to deprecate the legacy campaigns by Q3 of 2022, by when the rollout is expected to be carried out successfully.

But if any of your campaigns are concerned by ODAX already, you may need to start formulating a set of strategies, gradually slip into ODAX, and make tracks.

Though immediate action is not required, affected advertisers should begin to consider a strategy for transitioning to this new objective mix. Advertisers should also plan to monitor the performance of both legacy and new campaigns throughout the ODAX transition.

With the changes with Facebook and Instagram Marketing and their targeting options, it can be hard to keep on the right tracks. You need to create, manage, and optimize campaigns, content, and figures while keeping the business itself running. That’s where we can step up to pick up your marketing game.

With ODAX advertising campaigns reduces to a single point to ponder upon – “what does the business want right now from this ad campaign?”

If you know what the ad should do for the growth of your business, you may go to the 6-point menu and get weaving!

Author: Graham Paffett

A seasoned luxury goods & services digital marketer with over 20 years Exp. A specialist in developing "disruptive" digital campaigns and strategies for FMCG brands both within the UK and International. • Paid Social (inc. Facebook/Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn & Pinterest) • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) • PPC (Pay Per Click) • CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) • ASO (App Store Optimisation) • Direct To Consumer & B2B Digital Strategy Specialist • Social Media Marketer