Why Shopify is the best “Entry Level” e-Com platform

Why Shopify Is the best entry level eCom platform

Shopify is suave, swift, and sophisticated  if you want a one-line answer, but why settle for less, when Shopify believes in offering more?

What is Shopify? & Why Is It The Best Entry Level eCom Platform!

Have you imagined a shopping genie come to your call to grant you one shopping-wish? May be you want to visit all the retail shops around the world altogether? Or do you want to open your own retail store/brand and want the whole world visiting? Don’t waste a genie-wish for that – you have Shopify – the largest place for everything retail; right in the palm of your hand.

Whether you have coding skills or not, you can now launch your online store with zero hassle. And if you can handle HTML or CSS, Shopify opens up more prospects while you enjoy the hosting.

With Shopify, you also needn’t worry about software installations or look for the right web hosting to buy. Shopify is hosted, and you only need to worry about your products and services.

The Pros / Benefits of Shopify - Why Shopify is the Best “Entry Level” e-Com Platform

You can manage your online store from anywhere, and at any time – and even from your phone.

You only need to have the passion, and Shopify will realise your business dreams. You do not have to worry about the technicalities of it. A good internet connection, a bank account, a smart device, and your heart – your shop is set!

Shopify is a complete package. They come as a complete e-commerce kit – templates, a payment processor, a blog, and even email marketing tools are available right from the beginning.

Reliable, secure, and fantastic with the Uptime checks, Shopify is unfaltering.

And if something goes wrong, Shopify offers customer support through phone, email, or web chat, 24/7.

Shopify is far from a display rack of identical shop counters, which it easily could have been. But they offer more than 150 themes, and you can add more from websites like ThemeForest. You can paint everything your shop is, in your colours. You can even develop more personalised Shopify themes locally for yourself with the Theme kit available.

And, with Shopify, customisation is not limited to colours or themes – it’s about the size too. The more you grow, the bigger you can make your Shopify shop.

Payment Gateways you can use: Shopify has been low-key revolutionising the E-com world ever since its conception, and its flexibility when it comes to payment options for consumers, it outdoes the lot without bragging. Shopify had been reputed for its payment methods from the very start. It had offered many different kinds of payment methods and continues to only add to the list. Now, even though it had a plethora of payment methods to offer its customers and shoppers alike, Shopify did not settle for that and today has a payment gateway of its own. This payment portal involves neither transaction charges, nor credit card fees that are close to average. What’s more? You don’t need to have a Merchant account to make transactions this way.

Marketing and SEO scare many e-commerce owners, but not the Shopify shop-owners. With Shopify, it is easy to do email marketing, Facebook & TikTok ads, etc. Social media marketing has some inherent pluses to it – custom ads and customer retention. Algorithms will ensure that your products catch the eyes of the customers looking for them, and that they keep getting product updates all the time.

Shopify collaborates with Google shopping features to ensure smooth campaigns, whenever you deem them necessary.

Shopify offers various Analytics for you to keep track of the growth of your business. These include Google Analytics, Product reports, Traffic/Referral reports, and Export reports.

The Shopify Mobile App empowers you as an e-commerce owner as much as a business manager may. The mobile application takes good care of your orders and their fulfillment, email or call customers if necessary, manage your inventory, and sync all your data the Shopify website store. Your products, inventory, orders, and customers are in safe hands – your hands, actually, but you have a mini-manager too that works from your dashboard.

Three variable pricing options: Getting Shopify to manage your online store comes with man perks, one of which is having three plans to compare and choose from. You can choose from the three monthly plans – Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify.

COVID Extras Added (local Delivery – Curbside): In response to the pandemic shopping troubles, Shopify made their pick-ups and deliveries more flexible, unlike most e-commerce websites that drew back from the rising customer requests. I did not mean to compare or belittle, but that was the truth in many COVID-stricken areas.

Now, if these facts do not prompt you to already get Shopify and kick-start your business, then you can get a free trial. Starting a business may be an intimidating idea for many – more so, when it is an online enterprise venture. But the 14-day free-trial is bound to have you love the experience. You can always contact the Shopify team for this.

Now if you have to wonder about what the cons of Shopify are, you might find some interesting arguments. Needless to say, you will be wondering if they are relevant cons after all. Although…

The Cons of Shopify

Jargons: The Shopify platform involves many confusing terms which makes it difficult for someone who is new to the platform to understand. But then the Shopify Help Center offers support and learning prospects through Blogs, Business Courses, Guides, Forums, Free tools, Podcasts, and Business encyclopaedias. Besides, there are so many websites that offer Shopify lessons covering as many steps, features, circumstances, and possibilities.

Shopify does not offer Domain hosted check-outs. Despite being so straightforward, intuitive, and forward Shopify fails to address this setback.

Another major drawback of Shopify is that it does not offer an option for comparing various products.

Well, as you can see the Pro’s far outway any of the Con’s, if you are looking to take your business and services online using Shopify, then contact us for a FREE 1 hour no obligation consultation.

Author: Graham Paffett

A seasoned luxury goods & services digital marketer with over 20 years Exp. A specialist in developing "disruptive" digital campaigns and strategies for FMCG brands both within the UK and International. • Paid Social (inc. Facebook/Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn & Pinterest) • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) • PPC (Pay Per Click) • CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) • ASO (App Store Optimisation) • Direct To Consumer & B2B Digital Strategy Specialist • Social Media Marketer