Which is the best hosting for WordPress?

KINSTA - Best Wordpress hosting

Launching an online platform and marking their presence on the internet is pivotal and inevitable for any-scale business and in any industry. That’s why a business needs WordPress help. And when one is looking for a robust, futuristic and (meanwhile) secure WordPress cloud server hosting website for creating, running, or growing a website, Kinsta outdoes its 2021 peers.

Let us learn more about Kinsta’s wonders in terms of speed, features, plans, etc.

Which is the fastest hosting for WordPress?

To find out for sure which company offers the best WordPress hosting speed, we will keep it actual and factual with the help of real performance and speed test data. Let’s compare five of the hosts that have pinned themselves on the top of most test data, even many multiple parameters are addressed.

Host Uptime Rating Performance Score Reliability Score Market Popularity (Alexa) WP optimization rating
Kinsta 99.99% 4.8 9.5 9.6 23350 4.8
Flywheel 99.99% 4.6 9.5 9.6 34689 4.9
WP Engine 99.97% 4.4 9.8 9.6 4065 4.9
SiteGround 100% 4.6 8.9 9.3 5768 3.9
Dreamhost 99.86% 4.1 9.7 9.0 10030 3.1

Although FlyWheel seems to up the ante, honest reviews and ratings speak differently. We can now see why Rebecca Taubert, Senior Web Officer at the Queensland Department of Education commended, “Absolutely fantastic – cannot rate highly enough in terms of speed, support, and UI. Went from WP Engine to Flywheel, then to Kinsta and couldn’t be happier.” the popularity could easily be from good adverts.

Of course, SiteGround doesn’t seem to kip much, but does not perform just as well, nor is it that reliable – so much for 100% Uptime. Other top hosts such as WP Engine and Dreamhost do not present much of a challenge either, to Kinsta.

Kinsta Hosting Features:

Kinsta believes in prioritizing support that cares. The core team has devised an expert WordPress support team available to you 24/7/365– you only need to give them a bell.

Their WordPress competence and savoir-faire are beyond compare and more than you may ask for. Troubleshooting, server maintenance, website migrations, theme, and plugin building, contributing to WordPress core – whatever be your needs, the team collaborates, and shares their knowledge to help you.

+ 100% Solve Rate:
The Kinsta team makes sure that each and every issue you may have is resolved on time. They guarantee swift and professional solutions for downtimes, attacks, SSL issues, or any trouble for that matter. The Support department is more than ready for any scenario.

+ 24/7 monitoring & Fast Feedback:
Their support services are not just available 24/7/365, but everywhere. Through live chat, they make certain that your issue is dealt with by experts from all necessary departments.

Website status monitoring is also scheduled every 3 minutes so that downtime is looked into, almost instantaneously. This, combined with internal monitoring keeps their servers healthy, allowing them to focus on continuous improvements.

+ Power to you:
Their resource centres are conceived with freedom of knowledge in mind. The knowledge base, WordPress lessons, Feature Updates, Blogs, Newsletters, Free Ebooks, and Free Webinars offered, help you know your onions better too.

+ “Kinsta is local”!

Kinsta says on their website that they like to be locals. That is, they have remote support teams for all time zones and natives, providing support in about 7 languages; English, French, Italian,Portuguese and Spanish.

In short, Kinsta loves providing Peace of Mind to all its clients. Their website too pays much emphasis on this philosophy – the better managed your website, the better you can grow.

Kinsta is easy to get started with. It is easy to access, install, and understand. The whole platform, from the dashboard to features, was designed with beginners in mind. But it is just as powerful and advanced – just a lot simplified while proper. And, there is a lot of assistance too!

As they now also offer Application, Database and Static Site hosting, you can conveniently run and manage all your web projects in one place.

+  MyKinsta admin:
A unified management dashboard that simplifies and solves all site management worries. This interface empowers even the newest ‘WordPress’ chum enough to add a new site, deploy a staging server, clone a WordPress site, view detailed site analytics, or request a migration.

+ The best toolbox ever!
And, it includes Kinsta’s free APM (Application Performance Monitoring) tool too. Tools such as WordPress debugging, search and replace tool, New Relic monitoring, site preview tool, site transfer tool, or Kinsta API for automating workflows are also available.

+ Your place:
Unlike many web hosting services Kinsta does not give you a random server location, nor do you have to take whichever one is assigned to you. You can choose the server that best suits your audience = ensures low latency for your visitors = lightning-fast load times = more visitors = more conversions = a happy you!

+ Premium tier network:
Kinsta makes use of the Google Cloud Platform and hence has lesser hops involved. Therefore your data gets through secure and faster.

+Enterprise-level Cloudflare integration:

All of Kinsta’s plans are fully integrated with enterprise-level Cloudflare. You have access to premium features like edge caching, early hints web standard, free SSL certificates with wildcard support, CDN with 275+ PoPs, and much more, no matter the WordPress plan you are on.

+ Staging areas:
One-click development sites that help you test anything before pushing it to production. You can test each WordPress install (versions, plugins, or code) independently. The staging procedure only takes seconds – now that’s value for time.

+ Developer-friendly:
Kinsta is not a product ordered by a business for developers – it is a platform built by ace, benignant developers for every other developer. And being developers, Kinsta knows that you will need WP-CLI, SSH, Git, and KINSTA APM at some point in your venture.

+ Change PHP versions
The latest supported versions of PHP 8.0, 8.1, and 8.2 can easily be enabled with a single click from within the MyKinsta dashboard. This allows you the freedom to run what your third-party plugins need to operate efficiently.

Kinsta loves speed, and anything that helps speed. They use only state-of-the-art technology like Nginx, PHP 8.0, LXD software containers, MariaDB, and C3D compute-optimized VMs and thus ensure lightning speeds.

Kinsta is an all-rounder and they keep updated against all kinds of threats. Both active and passive measures are employed to prevent attacks.

Your website is therefore monitored 24/7, while DDoS attack detection, software-based restrictions, SSL support, and hardware firewalls do their job well.

Want to take a leap into better? Kinsta has got the right harness. So, there will be no downtime during the shift while Kinsta’s expert migration team will take care of everything for you.

Be ready to be gobsmacked when you first use Kinsta – their frameworks are so next-gen, that they’d be naming the next generation after your site.

The Google Cloud Platform supports Kinsta’s 35 global data centers – nothing gets as close to the reliability.

Uptime is checked every 2 minutes, but then your website does not get knackered that often with Kinsta. These 720 checks per day guarantee that the reaction time is matchless.

Kinsta fully backs up your site every single day. If you want, they would perform additional backups every 6 or even 1 hour – your needs, their deeds.

Again, if your website calls for it, Kinsta manages even the largest of traffic surges like it’s nothing.

Malware removal is FREE and prevention is proactive. You would never need to wait in panic, because Kinsta would know before you know (or may be even the hacker knows).

If RESTful search and analytics engine, Redis, Scale visits, disk space and CDN, and Nginx reverse proxy are not enough, you can always contact Kinsta for that little extra you earn for. They are open to requests, and glad to oblige.

Kinsta also comes with an API that allows developers and users to automate workflows, interact and access their Kinsta projects without the need to login to the platform.


Kinsta Plans:

All of Kinsta’s plans include a free SSL Certificate, 30-day money-back guarantee, free migration of websites, WordPress installs, free unlimited basic migrations from other hosts, self-healing technology, and scaling of resources.

WordPress install

monthly visits

10 GB
Disk Space

Free SSL & CDN


WordPress installs

monthly visits

20 GB
Disk Space

Free SSL & CDN

5 – 40
WordPress installs

100,000 – 600,000 monthly visits

30 – 60 GB
Disk Space

Free SSL & CDN

60 – 150
WordPress installs

2,500,000 monthly visits

100 – 250 GB
Disk Space

Free SSL & CDN

Author: Graham Paffett

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