How the Apple iOS14 update is affecting Facebook & Instagram advertising campaigns [ Part 2 ]

At One9Seven6 - We Look at "How The Apple iOS14 Update Is Affecting Facebook Ads" and the Facebook & Instagram Reduction In conversions.

Effect #2 – Facebook & Instagram Reduction In conversions

In our last “The Edit” post  (Effect #1) we looked at Facebook & Instagram audiences that are being reduced by Apple iOS14 and who this really affected. 

In today’s post we’re going to talk about the second effect – the consequential collateral damage this reduction in audiences has caused to Facebook & Instagram campaigns:

It is necessary to be aware that there are two types of real reductions as a by product of Apple iOS14 and that we know how to differentiate between these… The REAL” and The FICTICIOUS”.

The REAL” Reduction 

a significant part of the conversions has been reduced by the erratic behaviour of the Face Pixel in recent weeks.

Retargeting campaigns we deployed, which almost always tend to have higher ROAS than TOF prospecting campaigns and where the Pixel is crucial, have dropped in ad performance.

We know from speaking to our Facebook account manager that they are having problems with the Pixel and that they are “working on it” – that’s the official line being used at Facebook.

Now, do not expect to find official news online from Facebook about it this. You will gradually notice the improvement in your own campaigns as long as you keep them running.

The FICTICIOUS” Reduction 

another part of the conversions have been reduced only in appearance.

That is, we still have sales, and we still get leads, but in our ad manager’s dashboard these conversions are not being recorded in fact you may have seen that Facebook have started to cover themselves with new information “call outs” on this.

If everything is going as well as before, you should sit back and smile and rejoice in this moment and prey the good luck continues as long as it can.

If you are noticing both of the things we have mentioned, and you have realised that the drop in conversions is mainly caused by the data coming from the retargeting campaigns, you may want to reduce your investment in ad spend, there is no clear light at the end of the tunnel and with FTSE Agencies left scratching their heads this storm will be around for a while, so batten down the hatches, or start looking at a wider digital strategy.

Is There Anything else you can do to try to stabilise the data…. YES…

 Have you installed the Conversion API (CAPI)?
If you haven’t done it yet, really, don’t put it off any longer or has your Facebook ads agency even recommended this line of action?.

Do not delay in installing CAPI… action it this week and then forget about this for a 12 – 24 months. Not only will this ease the pressure, and stabilise some data and insights, but you may well notice a marked improvement in results.

BUT we will stress THIS IS NOT A SOLUTION to Apple iOS14 – If someone opts out of tracking, you have NO WAY of tracking them FACT!

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Author: Graham Paffett

A seasoned luxury goods & services digital marketer with over 20 years Exp. A specialist in developing "disruptive" digital campaigns and strategies for FMCG brands both within the UK and International. • Paid Social (inc. Facebook/Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn & Pinterest) • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) • PPC (Pay Per Click) • CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) • ASO (App Store Optimisation) • Direct To Consumer & B2B Digital Strategy Specialist • Social Media Marketer