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Since you’ve searched for free, and the best SEO services Cambridge area has to find us, we can make your future clients find your business as well for sure. That is exactly the aim of local SEO – to drive more local search traffic to your website – plus, we are a local SEO agency based in Cambridge.

Paid search campaigns or social media marketing, we know the hearts of Cambridge businesses and give you the best, locally optimised, and visible ROI-driven results. After all, about 97% of people are found to be likely to search online for a local business.

Wondering how we deliver the our SEO results? We primarily, take into account the target audience and only then get on to strategising. The rest is velvety gravy, of course, as we start with the basics through free digital review of your business, a free audit tool to get your SEO started, a free website speed test report, and much more.

SEO Facts

SEO strategies for us are not sneaky game plans that make people spend on something they don’t need, but methodical actions that develop a genuine interest and therefore sales. That is why we prefer recent facts and historical data to anything. Here are some interesting SEO stats relevant to 2021 and 2022, we think you might love:

  1. Organic and paid searches account for about 68% of all trackable website traffic.
  2. Organic searches contribute about 53% of total website traffic.
  1. Online videos are bound to dominate internet traffic by an upper hand of 80%, increasing the prospects of SEO success from product photography, product videography, and video marketing.
  2. About 80% of local searches are converted into successful sales, emphasising the importance of local SEO knowledge.
  3. The 2021 ROI for email marketing is about $42 for every $1 spent. This is an increase from the 2019 ROI of $38 returns upon $1 expense.
  1. Only about 10% of UK local search results used a hyphen in their domain.
  2. 76% of smartphone searches take customers to the business within a day.
  3. 28% of smartphone searches for local businesses and services end up in a local purchase.
  1. Blog posts need at least 1000 words in the content to rank high.
  2. Smart speaker device usage by households of the UK and the US for search will increase to 55% by 2022. This is a vast increase from the 2017 stats of 10% in the UK and 13% in the US. Half of the successful 2020 online searches were image or voice-based.
  3. Facebook is the most popular source of social media page views in Europe.

What are Google Core Web Vitals? How do they Affect SEO Ranking, Analytics, and Marketing Success?

As an online business or at least a business with an online presence, your digital interfaces, content, and exchange points need to provide a great user experience. Web Vitals is Google’s way of providing the best practice guidelines for websites to cater to this broad and important need. Site owners and managers will benefit vastly by complying with them.

Core Web Vitals is the key subset of these metrics that simplifies the process by focussing on the most important aspects. Clearly, Web Vitals and Core Web Vitals guarantee genuine and improved online visibility, trust, value, and hence assured sales. They practically camber the turn towards better growth and let businesses manoeuvre no less than regally during the change. Let us have a look at them:

1. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

The metric deals with the basic loading speed and performance of your website, without which factors your visitors may retreat.

2. First Input Delay (FID)

This measure of interactivity tells you how much time your web page takes to provide a visitor with meaningful interaction. Again, a faster response is a measure of good user experience that will convert visitors into clients.

3. Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

This number shows how much the layouts of the elements and the whole of your page shift. A page with high shifts and fluctuations is less likely to retain visitors as an audience.

Here are the numbers Google recommend as per their 2020 Core Web Vitals Update rollout:

At our Cambridge-based SEO service, we take care of all these numbers as the very basics and put more effort into more nuanced analytics as well to ensure impeccable results.

Free SEO and Digital Marketing Services in Cambridge

We understand that SEO needs are all the more important and valuable as the online game is getting harder by the day. So, we offer a few of our vital services for free.

  • Free Digital Review of your Business
  • Free Audit Tool to jumpstart your SEO game
  • Free Competitor Analysis Service
  • Free Keyword Research Report
  • Free Website Speed Test Report
  • Free one-hour Consultation

Affordable and Top-rated SEO and Digital Marketing Services in Cambridge

  • All Search Engine Optimisation services that drive in free, organic, editorial, or natural from search engines to your page. More leads, PPC, conversions, user experience, and more will follow, with good SEO practices.
  • Local SEO services to generate businesses from nearby your geographical location.
  • Luxury Brand Marketing to find the right clients and let them love you.
  • Paid Search services that do search campaigns, display campaign ads, Google shopping ads, Local Inventory Ads, video campaigns for YouTube ads, and re-marketing ads for targeting people who have engaged with your brand before.
  • Social Media Marketing and Paid Social Advertising services that bring on better visibility for your products and services by showing ads to the most interested people near you.
  • Influencer Marketing options that bring on better credibility, visibility, willing and natural promotion amongst the target audiences, and endorse your product or results better.

We also offer

  • Commercial ROI Driven Website Development to make your website look more authentic and make your products stand out.
  • eCommerce Solutions for any issues, no matter the size of your business.
  • Digital Public Relations (PR) Management to bring openness and hence acceptance to your public platforms.
  • Product Photography and Videography are done by highly skilled professionals so that the visuals in your ads and websites are catchy and expressive.

How to Boost a Cambridge-based Online Business and get Rank Better in Google Searches

The digital growth of a brand involves various labours such as website and content development, product photography and videography, video marketing, digital PR, on-page optimisation, page speed optimisation, mobile optimisation, featured snippets optimisation, visual search optimisation, and link building service options we offer.

If that sounded like jargon, how about snowballing online visibility, concrete traffic growth, and therefore a surge of sales?

Our strategies guarantee to you repeated appearance and higher ranking in Google search engine pages which in turn leaves an impression of being an authoritative and popular brand. Reduced ad costs, community strength building, and improved click-through rate or CTR come as extra perks along with SERP ranking.

Why we rank highly for SEO services in Cambridge?

Mostly because we love our job! The online marketplace is growing vehemently and we believe that more users and the best sales should go to the businesses that strive to be the best. We know that only entrepreneurs who like to stand out, come to us and that passion means the world to us.

We like to put our skills, knowledge, and tools to good use by helping eager beavers achieve. That is also why we offer many of our services for free and at reasonable prices for businesses in and around Cambridge – you only need to get in touch!

The world (and of course, Cambridge) needs more genuinely passionate businesses who try; together, let’s be the business the world wants.

Free SEO and Digital Marketing Services in Cambridge​

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